Favorite Sport

What’s your favorite sport?  :-? :-?:-?

Personally, I like basketball but it seems that it hates me – a lot. Not only does the ball hit my head, I had to get ankle sprain when I play (pathetic eh?)… I’d also go for swimming, cause I love swimming pools, but it seems that my lungs are not up for it, so I guess I’ll stick to “child’s play” badminton, where there is only one rule: to get the shuttlecock to the other player using the racket. Easy as a pie.

I have asked my husband about his favorite sport and guess what, he told me that he loves playing baseball… Well it seemed like a very interesting sport, but running is just not my thing, let alone running around the diamond field. :mad: I asked him about the rules before when I got confused on how the scoring went during the movie Chicken Little (remember Chicken running around the field and Duck updating the score?) and honestly I didn’t quite get it at first, but I guess it’s because I haven’t seen the game in action before.

Speaking of watching baseball games, I gave my husband this New York Yankees tickets link that he may be interested with, I couldn’t say that I can get him one for the upcoming father’s day since of course, we don’t have the budget and all and that the fact that we’re here in the Philippines, but maybe you guys would be interested in watching the games yourself!

By the way, what’s your favorite sport?


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