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If you are someone who loves the internet like me, most likely than not, you would own at least one social networking account like MySpace, Friendster, or FaceBook, personally I’m into Friendster and FaceBook. I’ve been using Friendster for more or less 3 years now, though I’m not that active but I usually visit my other friend’s profiles just to check out what’s new. I want to “anonymously” (as if I could do that and hide from the “who’s viewed me” link) lurk around other’s profiles, especially viewing their pictures. If you think that I’m stalking someone in particular, no I’m not. I just go random, though I always visit my hubby’s profile. He. He.

Anyway, I just recently started an account with FaceBook (though I already had an old one before, but since it was ages ago, I honestly couldn’t remember my email address and password, so instead, I created a new one. I was trying to see what the FaceBook commotion was about and then I realized that it was because of the games! Being a hardcore gamer and all before, I toned down a bit when I became a mom, and started playing kiddie games and some cute flash games (but of course, I still make sure that I get in touch with my hardcore gamer side from time to time…)

I came to love 2 FaceBook applications… First is FarmTown, which, thanks to Plurk, I got so intrigued about. It’s about creating your own farm, harvesting your crops, and giving other players a job to harvest your crops. The other one is called Restaurant City, which is all about (obviously) creating and designing your own restaurant, and hiring employees (your friends). I’ve been so addicted with these games that I barely visited other sites including mine (and I’ll make it up to you guys, sorry about that)…

I would love to post pictures of my farm and restaurant, but since I’m just starting, they are not something that I would like to boast about just yet. ๐Ÿ˜ณ But if you want to visit my farm and restaurant, please do add me in FaceBook! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Maricel’s FaceBook Account:

Add me up and let’s all play together! Maybe you guys have some other games that you think that I would enjoy! :cheer:


  • same here, i got addicted with Farm Town just today. I used to receive application invitation before but I kept on ignoring them until the time came that I also got intrigued that most of my friends are so addictive with this game… ๐Ÿ˜›

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