Eyes Down! It’s a Girls Night In

Even though we love our little ones to the moon, we all mums have to agree to that one thing- social life suffers a massive blow after having kids. Finding a child care isn’t always easy. So here’s what I do instead when I crave for some fun- call my girlies over in the evening and have fun. That way I get to stay at home closer to my kids, look after them whilst having a fun time.

To base that girls night in what better way to have fun than to play bingo. Sometimes we girls play bingo online together. It’s pretty easy and inexpensive. Millions of people across the globe are playing bingo online, so why shouldn’t we? The best part of it all is the potential to win some substantial sum at dirt cheap tickets, giving us a social outlet too. Also you don’t necessarily have to concentrate on the game everytime because the software does all the work for you by automatically daubing the cards whilst you chat with your buddies.

The bingo games are pretty easy. Pick a game that suits everybody, sign in and be online together at the same time. There are few amazing sites like GameVillage Bingo which offers 1p bingo games. Get involved with one of the games and if lucky enough you can also get hands on the searing jackpot prize! Online bingo is perfectly timed girls’ night in together- it’s fun and easy.

And if you are a new player at the site, you can take advantage of the Welcome Bonus offers which is extremely popular in online bingo. Also you can refer your friends for extra incentives in form of bonuses and more. And if you thinking staying in and playing bingo feels too remote, let your partner do your share of work for a night and you can hit the nearest bingo hall.

Nevertheless the beauty of hosting a bingo party at your house can be so much fun. You’ll love the banter and the adrenaline pumping bingo action. The best part is when at home playing bingo online, you can tuck up your little cherubs in bed and they too will know their mommy isn’t too far away!

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