Extended Stay Hotels

There are a lot of businesses right now connected to lodging, there are short time check-ins, there are some that accepts 12 – 24 hour stays, and some are extended stay hotels. If you are looking for extended stay hotels in US, you can click on the link I have here. If you are not familiar what an extended stay hotel is, let me do a quick recap:

Based from Wikipedia: “Extended stay hotels are a type of lodging with features unavailable at standard hotels. These features are intended to provide more home-like amenities. Extended-stay hotels typically have self-serve laundry facilities and offer discounts for extended stays, beginning at 5 or 7 days. They also have guestrooms (or “suites”) with kitchens. The kitchens include at a minimum usually: a sink, a refrigerator (usually full size), a microwave oven, and a stovetop. Some kitchens also have dishwashers and conventional ovens.”

So if you are looking to stay for quite a long time in a place you are unfamiliar with, like let’s say for a week or so, then it’s best to look for an extended stay hotel. I do hope that some day, me and my family will be able to stay in one those hotels and travel around US. (Wishful thinking. :wink:)

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