Exploring Hubby’s Wallet

For the first time, I was able to see the contents of my hubby’s wallet. He always keeps it inside his pocket or if not it’s inside a locked drawer with the keys inside his pocket. But today he accidentally left it (I think) on his desk before taking a bath, so I went ahead and took the opportunity to see whats inside his “Precious”.

Ok here I go… Aside from cash/bills, I found a bunch of advantage cards, like a Blue Advantage Card for a certain mall and a Green Advantage Card for another certain mall, Pizza Advantage Card (of course for the Pizza addicts!), Fast Food Advantage Card and Pharmacy Advantage Card. Another set of cards are his ATM cards, SS ID card and Tax ID card. I also found a lot of receipts and some calling cards. Sadly, I was hoping to see a picture of me or our family because usually, wallets have a part where you can put a picture, but his wallet doesn’t have that part. When I asked him to buy a new wallet so he can put our family picture in it he said “Why would I put our family picture in my wallet? Pictures are for photo albums where it’s safe, not in wallets where it’s constantly being sat on and can be ruined. Besides, seeing and hugging both you and Julie every day is better than having a piece of paper with us printed on it.”…. Ohhh so that’s the reason.

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