Exchanging Links

Do you want to exchange links with me? Look no further, because this is just the right post for you! 😀

Just place your links here and I’ll visit your site and add you! But of course, I will have to assess it first. Don’t worry, I’m not strict when it comes to assessing your site, all I want is something that’s NOT spam, and NOT an adult site. 🙂 So please, just leave your links here! And I’ll tell you when I added you in my blogroll already! ^_^

Of course, this will not be an “exchange links” if you don’t link me back. 😉 So add me up too okay? 😀

By the way, this is not solely used for exchanging links only, but you can also visit other blogs that are listed here and exchange links with them as well!

12 Replies to “Exchanging Links”

  1. Hi! I can’t find the Project Exlinks post in your site, that’s why I’m leaving my comment here. I just posted Project Exlinks in my blog. Hope you can take a peek. Hope we can exchange links. Have a great day! 🙂


    BaReFooTeD Me

  2. Wow Mars! How did you do it? you are so good with these kind of stuff… How can I auto link to? I have been searching online but cant find things like what you have here…to auto link…by the way i have added you na…

    This is my message to you…

    Hi! I am proposing an xlink with you. I hope you agree. As of now, your link or the link of this blog has been added to mine. Please check your link at http://monitiseit.blogspot.com at the right sidebar with the heading “Tentative Link List”.

    Simply leave a message in my shoutmix at the bottom after you have added my blog’s link (http://monitiseit.blogspot.com) to you blog or site. However, if you want to make sure that your message don’t get lost, you can leave a message at my Linking post here: http://monitiseit.blogspot.com/2008/02/x-linkers-delight.html

    Please note that I erase non-responding links in my tentative list within 24 hours. So if you have linked my blog, please inform me immediately and I will be happy to visit your site to check and to visit anytime I can log. However, after you have added my blog’s link, and I have confirmed it, I will transfer your link to my permanent “Linkies Roll”.

    Thank you. I hope you agree so we can be linking buddies. Take care. ^_^

    ^ BlogLEarner ^

  3. Hi Maricel,very friendly blog,so i added you.Check it out!I hope you’ll do the same.Please let me know.More power and stay happy!

  4. @ zahara: added them dear! and you are very welcome, that’s the whole point of the tag! ^_^

    @portia: thanks dear! added you in my blogroll already 🙂

  5. hi, what a great idea! thx. i participate in links around the world tag. yours in the first list.


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