Entrecard Problem

Dear visitors,

I bet you are encountering a “No Such User” message when you drop your entrecard here in my website…

I’m not sure how or why this happened, but I got an email from Entrecard saying that my entrecard account has been deleted. Here is what the email said:

Your account ‘Momhood Moments’ on entrecard.com has been deleted. The administrator gave the following reason:

We have deleted this site as the URL is no longer valid. Sites with URLs that do not work or are wrongly typed will be deleted.

Please contact deleted@entrecard.com if you have any questions regarding this action.

I, of course, as an owner of this site, emailed the Entrecard team regarding this issue, so all we have to do now is to wait for their reply… Sorry for the inconvenience guys and gals, I’m crossing my fingers that this will all work out just fine.

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