Effects Of D&C On Mars

I know I can’t work for around a week or two thus rendering me more time for my blog! ^_^

So here are the effects of my D&C:
1. More time for my baby Julie Rayne!
1.1 Get to see her play more often now.
1.2 Get to see her eat her hearty lunch and dinner.
1.3 Get to carry, hug, and kiss her more.
1.4 Get to be with her as she discovers the world around her.

2. More time for my blog!
2.1 Changed layout (again).
2.2 Put a space for advertisers.
2.3 Taking opps
2.4 More time to blog hop as well! ^_^
2.5 More time to make money from my blog. LOL!

3. More time for my little loading business.
3.1 Reorganize my calculations.
3.2 More time to manage the business and look after it.

4. More time for playing games!
4.1 Diablo II Expansion
4.2 Warcraft III: DotA
4.3 GTA: Vice City

I am not able to do these things often when I was still working full time. But now that I’m semi-stay-at-home resting, I can still be productive as I wait myself to fully heal. ^_^

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