Dream Wedding?

My cousin got married last July 14, 2008 (same date as my baby’s birthday) at Zamboanga. We were invited, unfortunately, we were unable to attend due to the fact that it was my baby’s birthday and that it was a bit of a short notice.

We were sent a DVD copy of the wedding and boy was I jealous. My cousin’s wife had a very nice wedding dress, complete with accessories and make-up. The church was nicely arranged, and decorated, and they had a very organized entourage. The reception was a beautiful underwater theme, and the wedding cake? Don’t even ask… It sure was an expensive wedding! Somehow a non-practical way for celebrating an event yet it sure was a memorable one for the couple, and I bet it is more memorable to the bride.

While I was watching the DVD, I got really jealous and remembered my “unplanned” wedding. I never had an entourage, not even a wedding dress. I just put on a white dress and that was it. The wedding AND the reception was held here in my house. A judge came over and did his thing. We were wed with no wedding cake, but only with the usual foods that we prepare when there’s an event. It was somewhat memorable to me but in somewhat a not-so-nice way. Of course it is memorable but we all know that girls had always been planning for their dream wedding ever since they are kids, right?

Well I did. I wanted an outdoor wedding. Simple and cozy. I wanted to put on a sexy wedding dress but not the loooooong one. I just wanted an outdoor garden wedding. But I doubt it’s possible here in the city. Oh well. I guess I’ll just dream on.

Someday… If we become rich, I’ll get that dream wedding of mine.

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  1. You know, I had the huge expensive wedding with everything that goes along with it, just like I thought I wanted. And don’t get me wrong, it was very nice, but quite frankly, I would have been just as happy doing a quiet backyard ceremony with a few friends and family and not making such a huge deal out of that one day. Because while my wedding was (obviously) an big important day, it’s not what I wore, where we had it, or how may guests we had that is important to me now.

    So, lavish or simple, the end result is the same, and that’s the most important thing.

    But if you really really want to do the big wedding thing, I hope you can! I’m just saying you might find it isn’t exactly all it’s cracked up to be.


  2. Thanks for the insight Stephanie. I agree that it is the event that is important however, I just wished that it was my hubby who paid for all the expenses and not my dad. 🙁

    I want a simple outdoor wedding, not much for the guests, simple but chic, cute simple wedding dress and not the usual one with long gown and long veil. I want a shorter one. 😛

    Oh well, we can always save up and invite our close friends to a place for the “outdoor wedding” right? But now, it’s best to save up for our baby first. =)

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