Dream Retirement Home

Being a single mom that is financially struggling, I wouldn’t say that I have given up on my dream retirement home just yet. I can’t own a house as of now due to some financial setbacks, but I can still dream continually of my ideal retirement home. I am eager to achieve it despite how the pandemic has changed everyone’s lifestyle.

My dream retirement home is in the suburbs. I don’t want to live in the city, but I don’t want to be far from it, too. I just want enough peace but near convenience when needed. I always picture myself overlooking the city while having the grandiose of the mountain as my background. Majestic, right?

Anyway, I am dreaming, but I am already planning about it. We can’t just let this pandemic take our whole lives. We should start doing some footwork to get the ball rolling to achieve our dreams, right?

With the call to raise the retirement age to 70, I should say that I still have a lot of time, but I play safe and calculate things up to age 60. I even check websites to see if printable amortisation schedules are possible to make things more tangible for me.

I have seen some places already, and now I already know how much it would cost me. So, I am in the stage where I use a payment estimator to see if I can afford the monthly mortgage payment of my dream retirement home while saving for equity.

Some may say I am already too late, but as long as we are alive and thriving, I say it is never too late to achieve that dream home you have in mind!

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