Dream House

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to have a big house of my own with my family and parents with me. A house with a big living room where there’s a home theater seating with a large screen high definition TV, 4 high end computers on another room (1 for me, 1 for my hubby, 1 for baby Julie, and 1 for my little brother Joshua), then 3 big rooms (1 for my family, 1 for my parents and Joshua, and 1 for our maid), and I want to have a one-floor house to prevent accidents caused by stairs, and also becausemy parents are starting to have a hard time climbing up and down the stairs especially my mom. I also want to have a small swimming pool as well for exercise and family fun. =)I know that this is just a wishful thinking, but someday, I will attain this goal, slowly but surely…

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