DotA = Love? (reposted with consent)

Hiya you DotA addicts! Are there any out there? I guess most of the people I know who are DotA addicts are not blogging… But heck, I would just like to repost this post from a blogger like me who is a DotA addict like me -rj. (Okay maybe I’m not an addict now, but I was an addict once, and I still do play once in a while. ^_^;) English translations are made by yours truly. ^_^

***This post is partly in Filipino (Taglish)***

For Those who are playing and addicted to dotA (mdyo corny) :

Akasha | my heart always screams your name.
BloodSeeker | nagdudugo ako puso ko. (my heart bleeds for you)
Chen | sasagipin kita kahit nasan ka man. (I’ll save you wherever you are)
Dark Seer | akin ka lang. (you’re mine)
Doom Bringer | wala ako mgawa pag nandiyan ka. (I can’t do anything with you around me.)
Enchantress | Lalo ako nsasaktan kpag lumalayo ako sau. (It hurts more as you go further away from me.)
Faceless Void | tmitigil ang oras pag ksama kita. (Time stops when I’m with you)
Invoker | hndi kta paiikutin.
Kardel Sharpeye | U hit Me!
Mercurial | ssundan kita kahit san ka pumunta. (I will be wherever you are)
Naix | let me infest ur world.
Pudge | hnahatak mo ang puso ko.
Pugna | nanghihina ako kapag snasaktan mo ako.
Rikimaru | nde mo man aq nkikita, isipin mo nsa tabi mo lng ako. (Even though you can’t see me, I’m always beside you.)
Rylai | you frostbite my heart.
Rhasta | naka shackles ang puso ko sau. (my heart’s been in your shackles)
Roshan | mghihintay ako sau khit mtagal. (I will wait for you… no matter how long it takes.)
Terror Blade | ipagpapalit ko ang buhay ko pra sau. (I’ll “exchange” my life with yours.)

Hehe… I do admit that it was quite corny… But I really laughed at some point of the post. 😛 Errr… By the way, I can’t seem to find the right translation on the other ones… Hehehe… Maybe anyone could help me out? 😛

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