Do I Need A New Job?

Okay… Here is the scoop…

I currently work as a property consultant, which means I need to reach a certain quota. The company is giving newcomers a minimum of 1 sale in two months. Sadly, in May 17, it is my 2nd month and I don’t have any sale yet!

It is easier said than done. I’m not saying this because I can’t do it. But somehow, I feel like I have quite a disadvantage compared to the other property consultants I know. For one, my parents are not wiling to invest in a real estate property. So I have to cancel them out. Second, my friends are working there as well so I cannot sell them the units. That would be awkward now would it? Third, the people who told me that they would buy turns out to be not interested anymore! I wonder why…

Although I still am hoping for the best. I still have 2 more hot prospects and I’m actually hoping that they will get some units before May 17.

I really want to sell. I really do. I NEED to. Or else, I’ll be off looking for another job. And with my pregnant condition, I do not know if I have to lie just to be able to get a new job: like not telling that I am expecting a new baby? ARGH!

So pretty please, if you know someone who is interested in condo units, please tell me so. The company’s project is really nice. It’s a Megaworld Project! A bigtime company. A number 1 in the real estate industry.

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  • as for me…i think you should not tire yourself. you need to rest because you are in too much pressure.

    rest muna…and take advantage of your PR…muah!!

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