Diet and Exercise

It seems that I’ve been very conscious of myself lately… I don’t eat rice during weekdays or if I do, I make sure that I get half a cup. I seriously want to cut down my waistline and I’m very sure that diet alone won’t help.

Last week, I’ve committed myself to go back to gym and make sure to get at least an hour of cardio exercise, but due to the work’s stress, I could barely make time for it. I would usually choose sleeping in the company’s snooze box over going to gym lately, and would result to drinking 2 packs of slimming coffee instead to prevent myself from gorging. I guess the stress is, well – stressing me out big time that I fail to take good care of my health… 🙁

So, just yesterday, I’ve came across a website with articles about diet pills for women that work. I’m not saying that I’m pro diet pills, but I take these as aid / help in boosting one’s metabolism. Honestly, I think these would work best if regular exercise and proper diet is done.

Don’t you agree? 😉

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