Day Off Means Blogging I

How’s everyone doing today? I hope everyone’s fine. Me? Well I had a tough day at work, I got 1 sale out of almost 60 chats! YIKES! And the team’s goal was 3 sales and if we did not meet that goal, we will not go home. Good thing however that our substitute Team Captain (our team captain was on off) gave considerations and after 2 hours of overtime, she let me go home. I think she was monitoring my chats and she knew that my chats were not sellable. Would you be selling anything to someone who just recently bought and just wanted to ask you about the order? No, right? And how are you going to persuade someone who does not even want to be helped with no matter how you insist him / her? I guess there’s no point for the team captain to reprimand me for not doing my best in getting a sale, if she was monitoring my chats, I bet she would even feel sorry for me for being turned down by customers even though how much I insist them in helping and placing the order for them. I guess it’s not my fault anymore.

Anyways, enough about work, it’s day off so more on to blogging… First off, UPDATES!!!

Update #1: New rules for Momhood Moments Blog Party invitation giveaways. I’m giving out a total of 150 Entrecard credits to those who completes all 4.
Update #2: Post about my financial status, I’m starting to feel like my life is going on a right path. I now have savings for future uses, thanks to my job and blogging.
Update #3: Post about my hubby is coping up with the financial problem as well. He does not have a job right now but he’s about to — hopefully.
Update #4: A little delayed with my online boutique… But I will surely have that one no matter what happens!
Update #5: Planning for a new blog for my baby Julie Rayne! ^_^

So there! That’s what I’m gonna be doing right now. So stay tuned. =)

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