Dangers of Untreated Wastewater to Local Communities and Residents

If you work in an industry where you produce wastewater, then you are most likely familiar with a slew of local, state and federal laws regarding this wastewater. While it may seem like a bit of a hassle conforming to all of these rules and regulations, they are all put in place for very specific reasons. Allowing untreated wastewater to reach streams, lakes and other water sources can lead to serious health issues. Every year, it is estimated that almost 2 million children die from contaminated water and another 900 million cases of illness.

There are several diseases that can commonly be contracted through untreated wastewater. Even though some of them are almost eradicated in more developed countries, occurrences can and do still happen in America. Two of the most common are cholera and typhoid. Typhoid fever is a highly infectious disease that can cause extreme illness and even death. Cholera, while not common, is more present in modern America than typhoid.

Many Americans feel that wastewater diseases such as cholera are problems for less developed countries, but in reality, many areas of this country are facing issues with wastewater treatment and monitoring. For example, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, contracted the largest waterborne illness outbreak in U.S. history, affecting more than 400,000 people and killing more than 100 of them.

Another cause for health concerns is the presence of chemicals and metals in our drinking water. Unlike some other issues, these wastewater contaminants almost entirely come from businesses. To help combat this untreated wastewater from reaching our water sources, many large companies choose to employ on-site water monitoring systems. These systems can signal an alarm when out-of-range contaminants are detected.

The key to nipping these illnesses in the bud is through rigorous water monitoring systems. In some cases, these systems are large scale and conducted by government or other supervisory agencies. In other cases, this water monitoring is done on-site through different water monitoring systems. The importance of clean water is not lost on companies like McNab which specialize in reliable water quality tester and monitoring systems.

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