Cute Little ORANGE Balloons!

Lookie here! Well, I saw this cute little raccoon widget in my favorite mommy blogger Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online. So I followed to where this little raccoon balloon originated, and I came across Playballoonacy! There you can get your own orange balloon cutey critter, and then using this, you can “fly”, “swim”, or “hop” around the sites that were submitted to this site.

You can also add your own site/blog into their system, which makes it a traffic building tool. I find it really cute and amusing! It seems childish for some, but for me, I really love it! It is reaaaaallly cute! Seeing my little “Vannessa the Dolphin” swim around the web together with other critters really amused me!

Anyways, I hope that you could help and cheer my little Vannessa by looking at my sidebar with the “Join Balloon Race” title, and clicking on the “help me to go faster!” button below. Goooooooooo my Vannessa!!!! WEEEEE!!!! He. He. He. (Sorry, childish moment… 😛 )


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