Creating Change

I have been thinking a lot about the changes that happened to me in the course of my so-called life. I did admit in my other post that I haven’t been quite satisfied with these changes that happened to me during the past few years. As I was reading through Reader’s Digest site, I came across a segment called – Make Your Mark. In here, I found out that creating change is a far more better than receiving the change (and sometimes not liking it). So what do I mean by “creating change”?

Creating change is similar to making a difference. To further understand more what I’m talking about, let me explain it to you through summarizing a story that I have just read from Reader’s Digest…

It is a true story about parents Chad and Michelle Bush. They had a fun-loving, active little girl named Reilly C. Bush who taught her parents that life is “stupendous” – the girl’s favorite word. She gave out brand new gifts to children who she thinks needed the gift more than she did, and to think that she is only 5 years old. When their little daughter Reilly passed away due to cardiac arrest, after three weeks, the parents decided to commit themselves to the community that helped them during their tragic loss. They also founded The Reilly C. Bush Memorial Foundation that teaches children to help other children.

They had raised a lot of money since the foundation was set up, and where do they use the money? You guessed it! Helping children. They even have their own signature package called “The Stupendous Package”, which is given to long-term hospital stay little girls. The package include Reilly’s favorite doll – American Girl Doll, a blanket, bracelet, and a book that shows the importance of sharing with other people.

The foundation has a lot of projects right now all aiming to help children. But if you try to remember, it all started because of a little girl’s love of helping other people. Thanks to her loving parents, a great CHANGE has been done and a big DIFFERENCE was made on others’ lives.

Personally, this was my favorite story of all. Maybe because I got too attached to that little girl’s “stupendous” life.

By the way, before I forget, Reader’s Digest Make Your Mark segment has a weekly challenge for all of us. It’s in the link. Look for the weekly challenge and I challenge you to either step, stretch, or leap your way to a better world! This week’s challenge is about ” End Hatred — Engage the nations of the globe and enrich your own life.” I did the step challenge. Wonder which restaurant should I go to? You should take a challenge too!

Oh and don’t forget to visit Reader’s Digest Homepage for more inspiring articles, jokes, and cartoons.

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