Connecting with Loved Ones

It is really hard to be in a long-distance love affair. Even with technology like megameeting web conferencing software, it is still hard.

I mean no matter how technology has evolved, we are still humans who crave company and the human touch. But figuring in a long distance relationship makes it harder because the basic needs of touch are not met.

In so many cases, long distance relationships do not work. And even if they do continue and not separate, one of the parties are liable to commit infidelity especially if there is another party that is showing aggressive interest.

So if you are going to figure in a relationship, it is still best that you be together…especially if you are getting married. There are already so many broken relationships and we do not want to be added to the negative stats. If ever we want to be a statistic, it should be an accounting of good and lasting marriages.

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