Concrete Home Improvement Projects With Immediate Impact

General home improvement should always include a look at the benefits of replacing or installing concrete for driveways, walkways, outdoor living areas and to protect the foundation from water damage. Below are a few ideas for concrete projects that make an immediate difference in the looks and function of the property.

Patio Additions

Adding a concrete patio is a quick way to increase the usable living space of the home. Improving the experience of outdoor activities is immediate and positive with a well-designed patio. Concrete is durable and can be installed as separate pavers, stamped, or smooth. It is one of the more affordable materials that can be used for the construction of outdoor recreation areas.

Driveway Installation or Replacement

Gravel driveways have a tendency to begin washing away from years of rainfall. It can leave areas that are sparse in gravel coverage and uneven rutting where vehicle tires access the drive. Asphalt paved driveways require more maintenance than what you might desire. Cracks will develop and potholes that need to be fixed right away to avoid the complete destruction of the surface. An asphalt needs to be sealed periodically, which costs even more money. Concrete has better endurance and is relatively low maintenance.


Sidewalks, garden walkways and paved trails to garages and outbuildings are an addition that makes getting around your property easier during inclement weather. There are a variety of shapes that can be used to mold pavers, which provide a unique look for every home. Removing old and broken sidewalk concrete and adding new will improve the looks of your home from day one. This small investment can raise the level of curb appeal to any home. The walkways will last for many years without much maintenance.

Solving Drainage Problems

Having serious drainage problems can bring about flood issues to basements, garages and storage buildings. Adequate methods to remove heavy rains and send it towards a drainage system that removes it from the property will help minimize damage during heavy storms. French drains near driveways and in basements can solve flooding problems at an affordable price. Creating cement troughs beneath the eaves of the home, or garage can help direct the water away from foundations. Excess water near foundations can cause uneven settling, which can cost a great deal of money to have repaired.

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