Company “Party”

Few days ago, our company gave us dog tags with the company logo for our Friday treat. I may not be the type who’d wear hip hop clothes but because of that dog tag, the accessory itself makes my usual get-up look a bit “hip hoppy”.

The company dog tag actually is our pass for our upcoming “Town Hall”, which is an annual company party to recognize each accounts’ achievers, and best of all, the free booze! LOL. But I’ve never been into one before and I would love to join this year’s town hall because of its Ivy League theme and every one joining is required to wear Ivy League based costumes (think Gossip Girl outfit —- aaaahhhhhrrrrrr…. – love it!) but since it will be held this October 10, I certainly cannot go because it’s my birthday and my hubby’s gonna be mad at me for sure. *sigh* Oh well, there’s always next year. 😛

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