Common Myths About Dating Single Mothers – Debunked!

We’ve all heard the old saying. When you assume, you make an – well, you get it. There are many unfortunate stereotypes plaguing single mothers in the dating scene, but in most cases, they’re way off the mark. Here, we bust a few of those myths.

They’re looking for a replacement father… or a hand out

This is perhaps the biggest concern among men dating single women with children. But let’s think about this. That single mothers are poor and in need of a man’s help is such a horrible, outdated cliche. It’s more likely she’s dating you for you than for your wallet, right?

It isn’t the 50s anymore – a woman can raise a child by herself without shame or stigma, and with plenty of support from the community and her workplace.

It also isn’t a B-grade movie – it’s highly unlikely a woman has put herself on the dating scene and all the stress that can come with it just to swindle you into becoming a father figure or a bank teller. It’s far more likely that she’s – like you – just looking for a date. Sure, she may be thinking of a possible future together, but don’t we all consider that, children or not, when we’re dating?

They talk about their kids all the time

Mothers are people too, you know! They had interests and hobbies before their children, and still do. It is unreasonable to expect a mother to never mention her child, but equally unreasonable to expect her to mention nothing else.

If you’re really worried about your conversational prospects, try to find out a lot about her before your date, that way you’ll know in advance that you can steer things if necessary. If you’ve met online, checking out her profile is a great way to find info, and chatting online takes away a lot of the pressure. Sound like your kinda thing? Click here to give online dating a go.

It’s you or the kid

This one has a grain of truth to it, but it’s not the entire story. While a mother’s first priority will always be her child, that doesn’t preclude room for you. Instead of worrying about where you’ll fit in, for now respect her and her relationship with her child, and be supportive.

It’s not too easy on her either. Doing this will not only help you towards a comfortable and healthy relationship, it will show her that you’re the kind that’s worth hanging on to.

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