These past few weeks, mornings were never the same. Usually, when I go out of our office to take my call center’s lunch break, which is around 5am – 6am, the weather’s humid and I would need to take off my jacket, but for these past few days before and after the New Year’s celebration, cool breeze of air, with constant teetering and shivering is a common sight around the office premises, and of course, a non cold resistant as I am, I would always have a blanky wrapped around me wearing a jacket.At home, we would usually turn on the air conditioner after 6PM and would be turned on up until 7 or 8 in the morning, but now, not only would I definitely need a heated mattress pads during nights, I would wake up and turn the air conditioner off just to prevent constant shivering during my days off. But this is a good thing, it means that it’s a sign for a new hope, a New Year, in which in every Winter, there will always be Spring.

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