Cleaning Up Is Such A Breeze

Damn those dusts and dirts! They just keep coming back even if I clean the house every single day! I may not be as obsessive compulsive as some people, but these dusts just got go go! It is really annoying since it takes up an awfully lot of time just to wipe off those dusts in the table using a regular cloth, and sweeping the floor just using a regular broom.

There was this one time that I took out all our furniture and fixtures and placed them in the garden just to able to thoroughly clean the room, and I also dusted the sets of furniture while they were in the garden! It would really be tedious (and stupid) if I do this everyday!
So as I was doing my favorite thing to do — surfing the internet, I got curious on what could make cleaning easier. Somehow, I came across the Dirt Devil AccuCharge Hand Vac and Stick Vac. One is a portable hand vacuum cleaner and the other one is a portable vacuum cleaner. It helps save a lot of money too since it uses 70% less energy, which made it the first cordless cleaning technology to earn the coveted Energy Star approval. Isn’t that neat? I sure want to get one of those. It can clean hard to reach areas as well, which means that I don’t need to take out my furniture and fixtures ever again! WHEW!

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