Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning the house… Argh! Sometimes it can be really annoying and energy consuming. As a working mom, cleaning should not take the most out of my resting time. From sweeping the floor, to dusting the place, it can really be quite a tedious job. I use the local feather duster and the traditional broom which more often than not just spreads the dusts more and never actually cleans them up. But good thing I found these cordless vacuums! These vacuums earned the coveted Energy Star rating.

The Dirt Devil AccuCharge Cordless Hand Vac, with a 15.6 volt battery, that charges twice as fast, and utilizes 70% of the energy helps cuts our energy cost. It also has a retractable brush strip for carpets, and non-smooth areas, and a quick-flip crevice tool for the tight spaces like on the cabinets and corners and a big empty dirt cup to accumulate those dirts and dusts. It is also good for car interiors using the brush strip. When you are not using the hand vacuum, just place it back to the charging station to make sure that it is always fully charged and ready to use.

Another one is the Dirt Devil AccuCharge Cordless Stick Vac, which is a cordless vacuum cleaner
without the hassle of bags. It has its own easy-empty dirt cup which takes away the “bag problem”. And best of all, it’s cordless! Which means there’s no twirling around the cords. Amazing isn’t it?

Whew! With these tools, I will be able to clean my house hassle free!

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  1. I do think diferrent because my family use another brand name.It’s relaxed and save power.But next vacuum I’ll consider this to be vacuum which you present.Thank!!!

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