Cinderella VS. Snow White

My cousin called up my mom and told her that she is having a baby birthday party bash and that every babies in the family will have to wear costumes. They wanted my baby Julie to dress up like Cinderella but my husband told me that she will look cuter if she dresses up like Snow White. He said that since baby Julie has rounder face shape, like Snow White, she would look “realistically” Snow White.

So what do you think? Here are some pictures:

These are some example of the costumes:

What do you think friends? She kinda looks better in Snow White costume doesn’t she? Black hair and rounded face….? ^_^

7 Replies to “Cinderella VS. Snow White”

  1. I’m voting for Snow White since the costume is distinct, and since the colors are very much alive compared to Cinderella’s.

    Just a thought.

  2. weeeee everyone’s going with Snow White! ^_^

    I should ask my cousin if we could do some arrangements and change my baby Julie’s costume to Snow White’s.

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