Before I got married, I was really figure conscious. Whenever someone called me fat (whether it was a joke or not), I would literally run to the girl’s washroom and cry, and will start taking diet pills, eat less or even none, and made sure that I lose weight.

When college came, I knew it was hard not to eat anything since there were more activities and lessons that I should study for and exams to pass, so what I did was to attend my best friend EJ’s gym. Although I had to squeeze gym into my schedule to stay fit… But now that I’m a mom, I tend to eat a lot and don’t care much on my weight, but lately, I realized that almost ALL my clothes do not fit me anymore! :shock: It’s an alarming stage!!! I might as well start dieting now to make sure that my clothes will fit me still…

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  1. @ jes: thanks for the award, will do it now. 😉

    @ Angie: will do the the tag too! thanks!

    Yes, I’d better do exercise soon or I’ll be a big blob of lard. LOL! 😆

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