Christmas is nearing… People are showing the holiday spirit. You will see the neighborhood hanging Christmas decorations outside their houses, and some are even making sure that Christmas lights are shaped into a reindeer or any Christmas symbols. I was hoping to be part of the holiday spirit by buying an artificial christmas tree for our little room but I don’t think it’s necessary anymore since my mom would definitely buy one for the house.

And speaking of artificial Christmas tree, I took a picture of a big Christmas tree in Araneta, Cubao:

Looks cool right? 🙂

4 Replies to “Christmas Tree”

  1. Aww Christmas trees are so beautiful! I can’t wait to decorate mine (a small one at home), but those in your photos are fabulous! 😀

  2. I’m not one of those women who decorate mindlessly and have things turn out perfect. I try really hard, I think out every move and I am never satisfied. People have come to understand my minimalist ways of decorating – easy to clean around, move and move again, and Woofy-proof. 🙄

  3. I like to see a Christmas tree placed inside the house. I’m glad my wife got her old Christmas tree and decorated it with my daughters toys.

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