Child-Friendly Fabric

Weather-resistant, fade resistant and capable of standing up to some of nature’s harshness are typical features manufacturers often use to describe outdoor fabric. Those characteristics make the fabric a logical and appealing choice for outdoor furniture cushions, pillows and accessories. What you may not have considered is just how appropriate outdoor fabric is for a child’s room. In addition to the previously mentioned features, this fabric can endure spills, the activity level of an energetic child and the muddy paws of their canine buddy.

Colorful Choices

Most kids love bright colors. They aren’t concerned with decorating trends or how well fabric colors and patterns blend. They simply know what they like. The outdoor fabrics that are available in upholstery fabric stores typically feature bold, bright, energizing colors and patterns that are precisely what a child would love in their room. It’s often helpful to paint the walls of a child’s room in a neutral color so that the exciting fabric choices have a subtle background to burst forth from. Neutral walls and colorful accessories is a combination that allows for frequent updating as your child matures and their color choices and interests change.

DIY fabric projects for a child’s room

Depending on the age of your child, the two of you may be able to engage in DIY projects using fabrics that your child chooses. Framing fabric is an incredibly easy DIY project. You might want to frame fabric that features the same subject such as fish, waves or beach huts in various color patterns and use them as wall art. Outdoor fabric can be used for floor pillows or to cover an ottoman or table in a child’s room. Fabric can be added as a background on a bookcase shelf or used to cover the top of a toy box.

A child’s room should be furnished and decorated with items that are durable and stain resistant. Their room should be a comfortable place where they can play without anyone being overly concerned about spills or the typical amount of dirt that accompanies active children and their pets.

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