I just changed the layout of my blog, and all I can say is… I LOVE IT! The baby in the banner is my baby Julie Rayne. She looks so cute together with her “cartoonized” toys that she has (Lumpy and My Melody). The other toys are just pictures I got from the internet and “Photoshopped” them.

So another BIG change that happened in this blog is my URL. From http://mymars17.blogspot.com, it became http://wmaricelt.blogspot.com. Why??? Actually, one of the reasons is that I can’t get into my mybloglog. Since my yahoo account got hacked, I can’t access mybloglog anymore, as well as some of my widgets. So I just needed to change the URL. It’s okay because I haven’t really done much yet around here but I’m trying to build this site up and trying to monetize from it as well.

I’m hopping around my blogrolls to keep them updated of this change. ^_^

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  1. I hope all hackers would all crawl back into the woodwork they all came from. Pests, that’s what they are!

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