Certified Addict

It all started when I was a high school student, I almost didn’t eat and have saved up a lot just to buy loads and loads of well… load. Load for what you ask? I bought tons of Ragnarok loads before, also known as “top ups”, I must have spent thousands of pesos just to play the game. I really don’t know what got into me, but I stopped few years before.

But now, I am starting again… NO, I’m not spending money on an e-game anymore, but I’m playing it for free on a private server. Honestly, this is one of the main reason why I haven’t blogged so much as well. LOL. I got curious of the new things / or the things that I missed during the past few years that I stopped playing the game, so I made a Star Gladiator (a new thing for me), and here is my new Star Gladiator. I’m not really that familiar with this character but I’m loving it! :mrgreen:

Here is a picture of my Star Gladiator in a high rate server:

Star Gladiator

I was hunting for Joker Jester and I got it. Currently my Star Gladiator’s using a Lion Mask.

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