Celebration with the Team

Damn… Just woke up from a little hangover. Yesterday, we (Ketch, Jopat, Janssen, and I) celebrated our birthdays at Janssen’s, and boy I had fun! It’s been, oh I don’t know, years since I drank alcohol, and frankly, I missed it.

Jopat, Ketchly and I all went to wet market to buy 4 Kilos of Liempo, 1 Kilo of Shrimp, and bought 4 whole chickens from Andok’s. Then we went straight to Janssen’s place, and oh! I almost forgot, we had a stopover at 7-11 and bought softdrinks and ice. When we got to Janssen’s place, we set the place up and started grilling those 4 Kilos of Liempo. Yummy!!! It was a good thing that I don’t drink any of those best appetite suppressants like one of my teammates, or else, I may not the appetite to those sinful foods! 😛 After few hours of slaving in front of the griller, we finally ate and started getting drunk! First everything was the usual – beer and few slices of those liempo and cake, but suddenly, Janssen took out a brown bag and showed a bottle of my all time favorite alcoholic drink!!!!! JOSE CUERVO Tequilla… I got so excited and drank 3 shots! I got a bit tipsy and really wanted more, but I guess there was not enough Tequilla for everyone *cough* me *cough*. But honestly, I would like to thank Janssen for the drink! I missed that so much! ^_______^ It was all worth it!

Then I went back to office since I had to send an email. Afterwards, I stayed a few minutes in the gym and just babbled about, well… nothing much. LOL! I think I just scared off the newest trainer. 😛 Sorry about that. Hehe! 😛

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