Catholic Moms Blogroll

I just joined a blogroll for Catholic mothers a while ago. I did this because I want to at least feel the presence of God in my blog instead of just pure rants about the challenges that the Almighty God has been giving me for the past few months.

We all know that everyday in our lives, we don’t always experience the ups, more often than not, we remember most of the downs in our life. Why? Because we don’t appreciate the blessings more. If we treat the challenges as blessings, then everything will be fine. I do admit that I am guilty of being annoyed of these challenges in life, but in the end, I know that they are just giving me a push to pursue life at its fullest.

Call me a hypocrite, but I know that deep inside me, God has His own reasons why these world-turning challenges are given to me.

I joined the Catholic Mothers Online blogroll, but I’m not yet sure if they will allow me to be one of them, I do hope they do. If you want to join, just go to this post, and read on how to be part of their blogroll.

Mind you, this is not a paid post whatsoever. I am posting this to spread the blogroll, on which I think is really good and heartwarming to join.

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