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Let the Celebrations Begin: Organizing a Wedding Get Together

By on October 30, 2017

It’s the greatest day in anyone’s life, and you only get one chance to get it right. Although quiet, low-key weddings are always popular, the majority of weddings require a lot of planning. One of the biggest decisions is the choice of the venue. For some couples (those with a lifelong connection to a particular church, for instance) it is easy. For others, it is a matter of weighing up a tangle of possibilities.


Like it or not, the first thing you have to do is to set a budget for your wedding, and include in that the maximum figure that you can allow for the venue. It is a fact of life that there will always be somewhere you really like that is just above your budget and you will always persuade yourself that it is affordable. But if you can only afford $5,000 there is no point in even considering that dream venue that will cost you $8,000.


List all the features that are important to you. This will include such things as:

  • We all have a dream location in mind. Try to be clear about what appeals to you: religious or secular, urban or rural, grand or homely, etc.
  • Will the venue be suitable for your guests as well as you? A city venue will make it easier for guests to travel and find accommodation. In Baltimore, for instance, a hotel like the Marriott Baltimore can provide accommodation for guests as well as host the wedding.
  • Have you already decided a definite number of guests, or can you adjust numbers to fit? You don’t want to rattle around in a hall that is too big, or risk offending people by leaving them off the guest list.

Research and Compare

Make a spreadsheet or chart listing all the factors you are looking for along the top and the possible venues down the side. Look here for an example. Conduct your initial research online, giving each venue a score for how closely it matches your requirements. To be super efficient, give each factor a weighting value and multiply the value and score together.

Draw up a shortlist of venues to visit. Have a detailed list of questions to ask the management. Remember to ask about how the flow of the different stages of the day will be managed in the available space. Revise these scores based on what you have now seen.

Ensure that you know exactly what is included in the quoted price. You need to compare like with like when it comes to the financial commitment. Be quite clear about whether you have to use the venue’s own caterers or are free to bring in your own choice.

The Crucial Moment

Signing the contract with the venue is one of the biggest steps you will take on the way to your wedding. It’s a scary but exciting moment. Plan carefully and you need never regret your choice.

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Vintage Wedding Anniversary Celebration

By on October 20, 2017

There was one occasion when I overheard a young man commenting to his grandpa that Facebook is now mostly used by the older generations and the younger generation has moved on to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. This young man was helping his grandpa to update some app onto his grandpa’s smartphone. Thank God for this young man who is so patient and so willing to teach his grandpa how to use the smartphone and also how to search for his old schoolmates and friends through Facebook.

Looks like many of the older generation were taught by their grandkids how to use smartphone to get in contact with their friends. It is usually the grandkids that will be the ones who are showing their grandparents how to use these modern gadgets because they are most times more high tech than their parents.

It is a wonderful thing that many of the older folks are willing to learn new things. Learning how to use smartphones and Facebook enables them to get connected to their friends and families from all over the world. It keeps them from boredom and gives them something to look forward to. Many have children and grandchildren staying far away and they can still stay updated and able to see and chat with their loved ones using the smartphones. They get reconnected with long lost friends, some through their children with Facebook accounts and found so much joy through this e-media.

I came to know of a beautiful couple who have children staying in the states, Australia, and Asian countries. The couple themselves have worked in many places and have many friends locally and from overseas. Recently, the children wanted to bless their parents by organizing a gathering of family members and some very close friends from near and far to celebrate their parents’ wedding anniversary.  It was to be a surprise for their parents and all correspondence was kept secret.

The venue for the celebration was chosen and their granddaughter did all the planning and preparation through vintage wedding rentals Los Angeles without the knowledge of her grandparents. Hotels were booked for their overseas guests and those from afar who were able to fly over to join in the celebration and air tickets were booked and sent to their guests.

For the vintage wedding anniversary, placement for a vintage chair and table rentals were made. Menu for the celebration was confirmed with the caterer and a wedding anniversary cake was ordered. As the overseas family and friends arrived, you can imagine the great joy experienced by the old couple. It was a beautiful celebration to be remembered for many years.

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Family Reunion Organizer

By on July 9, 2015

If you’ve been designated as the family reunion organizer for your next reunion, it can be difficult to come up with a checklist of things to remember in order to accommodate a large group of people. There’s more to planning a memorable reunion that just searching for the best location; here are some simple ways you can ensure your next reunion is as successful as possible.

Book Accommodations in Advance

It’s best to start planning some aspects of your vacation a year in advance. Many popular lodging sites are booked early, and it can be difficult to find a place to stay that can accommodate a large group of people. Consider whether you’d like to plan a weekend getaway or a week-long reunion. If it’s been awhile since your last gathering, you might want to plan a longer trip.

Designate a Member of Each Family to Assist

Select a go-to person from each family to communicate with; otherwise, you might spend hours each week on the phone. As you plans important details for each day of the trip, call your contact person. He or she can inform the rest of the family so everyone will be on the same page.

Ways to Save Money

If some of your family members need to fly to your designated reunion spot, if they book their flights months in advance, the savings will definitely add up. A cost-effective way to save money on food is to assign meals for each day of your vacation to a single family. They’ll appreciate only having to be responsible for cooking for one day of the week, and then they’ll be able to relax for the rest of the reunion. If your family is on a tighter budget, consider asking one family to host the entire reunion at their house. As long as there’s enough room for each attendee, it can be a rewarding option.

Plan for Downtime

It’s important to schedule empty time slots during your trip, so your family members can relax and visit. Provide a map that details local coffee shops or entertainment venues so your guests will have something to do if they become restless.

Your reunion can be a positive experience that your family will be proud of for years to come. With some organization skills, you’ll be able to impress each attendee.

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