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The Right Casters Make a World of Difference

By on February 14, 2017

The ability to move heavy or bulky machinery or equipment from one place to another arises quite often in a variety of industries. From manufacturing to retail to the theater, sometimes things need to be relocated. Wheels and casters are what make all those movable platforms effortlessly shifted from one location to the next. Caster wheels are literally where the rubber meets the road, which makes selecting the right ones for the right application extremely important. Luckily, there a few things that everyone should take into consideration before making a purchase.


Mobility might seem like a straightforward feature of any wheeled application, but not every caster offers the same degree of mobility. Some casters are meant to pivot or steer, others are designed to work on a set track, and even others are manufactured simply to roll in a straight line. The reason the mobility is being deployed needs to be considered before a new caster or a replacement part can be ordered.


Every caster and wheel combination is designed by a manufacturer with a set capacity in mind. The needs and potential loads of the platform or equipment need to be carefully verified before installation. Not only does the capacity directly impact the ability to move the equipment, but a safety issue also arises from overloaded equipment.


Just as different types of materials produce different results, visible casters might need to have some decorative function. While primarily a priority in theater or public works industries, decorative casters are often special order items. Therefore, organizations looking to utilize the services of a decorative piece of hardware needs to be extremely careful prior to place the order. After all, there are limited return policies in place to accommodate non-matching parts or incompatible designs.

In the end, casters can be some of the most valuable pieces of a production or warehouse. Provided the capacity, mobility, and decorative function of the wheels and support structure have been carefully evaluated, companies can expect a long life of service. Moving heavy or bulky items around does not have to require extensive lifting or machinery, casters and wheels provide a simplified solution to some of the most complex problems. No matter what the setting, the right casters can make a world of difference, and save the back of anyone trying to move something from one place to another.

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Self-Defense Basics: What Every Citizen Should Know

By on November 9, 2016

For the most part, you probably walk around the area where you live, work and spend time with friends and family without worrying about safety. The problem is that you never know when an unsafe situation is going to spring up around you.


From somebody trying to break into your home, to a person trying to take your wallet or purse on the street, sadly there are many people that want to bring you harm in some way. As a citizen, you need to know how to protect yourself.

While you may never have military training and the ability to protect yourself in all situations, that isn’t something the average person needs. What you need to know is how to get out of bad situations safely.

Keep reading to learn more about self defense and how you can make sure you and your family stay safe.

Survey Your Surroundings

When you enter a room or go into a new situations, whether you’re alone or with your family, one of the smartest things you can do is to quickly survey your surroundings. You don’t need to scope everything out like a military sniper, but knowing where the exits are is always wise for general safety.

The same is true of your home. Knowing where your emergency exit points are, as well as the potential weak points where intruders could enter your home, is generally a smart thing to do.

Don’t get caught unaware of your surroundings or of how intruders could get into your home without being invited. Make sure your alarm system is up to date and used properly as well.

Know Self Defense Tools

Self defense weapons that are legal like pepper spray are smart for many people to carry. While you probably don’t need to be carrying a gun – and you likely can’t unless you’re in an open carry state – being able to protect yourself is important.

Hopefully you’ll never have to use any of the self defense weapons designed to keep people safe on the streets and in their home.

Take Self Defense Classes

One of the best things you can to do protect yourself is to take self defense classes. From karate to basic training, knowing a little bit of hand to hand combat can really make a huge difference in your confidence and ability to protect yourself.

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Hydraulic Hammer Safety Procedures

By on January 27, 2015

A hydraulic hammer has tool bits that can crush rocks, concrete, and asphalt. Because it is a powerful tool, you must follow a few safety rules to protect yourself and others.

Safety and Maintenance Guidelines

When using a jack hammer, always wear the proper safety gear, such as full-length pants, eye protection, gloves, hearing protection, protective boots, and a long-sleeved shirt.

All employers must understand how to use the supply compressor. It should be placed in a spot that is far from the construction spot. By keeping the compressor at a distance, the level of noise will be lower.

Each day, the tools should be examined thoroughly. There should be no damage or defects. Also, all components must be secure and in optimal condition.

To prevent accidental swerving, workers must place the electrical cords over their shoulders. Swerving is dangerous because it leads to electrocution.

There are a variety of jack hammers that are ideal for different construction projects. To avoid unnecessary accidents, always use a light jackhammer during long and complex projects.

Always lift the device using its legs. This technique prevents back strain and other injuries.

When traveling a great distance, grip the device between the operating lever and the handle.

By implementing these safety procedures, injuries and accidents can be avoided during important projects.

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