Careers for Mums with Kids

Finding a work-life balance when you have kids is difficult to say the least. After-school care is expensive and sometimes hard to get into due to high demand. That, combined with long holidays, means many mothers look for a career that lets them choose their own work hours or has hours that make allowances for taking care of the kids. Here are just a few careers that are ideal for mums.


One of the biggest issues for mums looking for jobs is hours that fit in with their kids. What could fit better than working the same hours as your kids? Holidays are a hard time for working mums, but not if you are a teacher sharing the same breaks. You no longer need to worry about organising care during their holidays. Of course, you would need to be qualified to teach but, if you aren’t, then administrative jobs at schools will give you the same benefits.



Librarians, specifically school librarians, share much of the advantages that teachers have. There are some jobs available for unqualified librarians, but there are huge pay benefits for those that have a librarian’s degree. Plus, with access to school textbooks, helping your kids with their homework has never been easier. For those with the relevant qualifications and interests, becoming a librarian is an excellent choice for work.


Personal Trainer

For mums looking for a more active career, becoming a personal trainer could be ideal. Online fitness courses, like those from course providers such as Fitlink, are a great way for mums to get qualified. Being a personal trainer means you can set your own training times, perfect for the busy parent that needs to pick the kids up from school. Not only do you get paid well, but you get to choose your clients and keep yourself fit and healthy as well.

personal trainer

Group Instructor

If you like working in fitness but would rather teach a group instead of working one-on-one with clients, becoming a group fitness instructor is just the thing for you. Just like a personal trainer, you get to choose when you work. It is up to you what you teach classes in – from boot camps to yoga classes, the choice is yours. It’s a chance for you to share something you love doing with a whole group of people, while getting paid to do it.


Freelance Writer

If you’re skilled with a pen – well, keyboard – you might consider becoming a freelancer. Freelance writing gives you the freedom to work from home and choose how much work you do, which is perfect for mums. As online content becomes more and more sought after, writing jobs are going to keep popping up, opening up a great opportunity for talented wordsmiths. This is the perfect career for a busy mum who only has a little free time or can’t always predict when they’ll be able to work.

Finding the right career as a mother is certainly very difficult, but these are just a few of the jobs that are available. Are you a working mum? How do you find a balance between work and your kids? Leave your comments below.

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