Can’t Wait for Glee Season 2 Episode 3

As a Gleek, I’ve admired how Charice sang Listen and her Telephone “duet” with Lea Michele.

I also love episode 2 and as a Britney Spears fan (when I was in highschool), I totally had to make sure I was singing with the Glee characters, especially when the cast sang Toxic. Ooooh nostalgia.

And now I can’t wait for episode 3 and here is a sneak preview of the episode (I’m sure that this will be a tear jerking moment for me…):


  • I am a gleek too! 🙂

    How did you find episode 3? I cried hahah.

    Anyway, check my DREAM ROLL, because I’ve linked you there 🙂 I hope you can do the same.

    Thanks much!

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