Business and Insurance

Mommy’s hubby is posting again… :)Having a business is not as easy as other people would think, specially, when you’re just starting. yesterday while I was eating in a fast food restaurant, there’s this group of 4 ignorant brats bragging on each other how rich they are that was sitting a table away from where I’m sitting. It’s very annoying I swear. Anyway, while I’m enjoying my cheese burger and their enjoying their nonsense one of them suddenly said “Hey guys know what, my dad will give me 300K to start a business after our graduation, then I’ll have you guys as my business partners” OUTLOUD!!. I know I don’t have any right to judge them but for me that was the most ignorant person on that place at that time. And then I said to myself, “WTF, who cares, it’s not even YOUR money. It’s your DAD’s. if this guy is planning to have a business with his so called buddies they should get a group health insurance and all other insurance that they can think off. Because if this group will not change their attitude, the business that their planning, will go nowhere and will just remain a plan, or worst…

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