Burning Those Unwanted Fats! Hip Hop Abs!

Ever heard of Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs? The one that’s on home shopping network? Well, I didn’t buy one but I got a copy from a friend! 🙂 And guess what!!! It’s soooooo addicting! Imagine yourself dancing while burning those calories down, making your abs flat! I can’t wait to see results! Other than that, I’m having fun dancing together with the songs! Hip hop! 🙂

Anyways, even though I’ve been trying to finish the first 30 minutes of the workout program, I can’t seem to get it done because in that 30 minutes, a lot can happen: like my baby waking up from a nap, our desk clerk calling up to ask for load (well I don’t mind this because this is my “mini-business”), etc…

Okay, aside from the workout stuff I did today, another great news is that my husband passed the interview and will be having a one-week training starting March 8. But he will still attend the other interviews tomorrow just in case these are more competitive than the first one, salary wise and location wise. At least we’ll not be totally broke.

I also joined another get paid to read sites: Velocity Clicks, and Xclix. I think it’s great but I guess if you want to really get the feel of it, you can join! These are for free so basically you don’t have anything to lose! 🙂

Anyways, I’m off to bed! I guess I got tired from the work-out I did! Ooooooooh I miss my abs! Can’t wait to see them back! LOL!

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