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As you can see, I recently changed my layout (May 1, 2008) to a more… simple one. But doing so, I forgot to back-up some widgets that I’ve worked so hard for the past months. One of the most important one is my BLOGROLL.

Yes. I accidentally deleted my blogroll, and I feel so lonely without it. Although in a way, it can be both advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time. I know that it is understandable why it is disadvantageous, but somehow, it gives me the knowledge on who my real fellow bloggers are. That means, I will know who are the ones who previously asked for a link exchange, then runs off, and never comes back. At least now, I will know who truly my readers are.

So to my avid readers, please don’t forget to drop a comment with your name, blog URL, and the title of your blog. If you want me to use an image instead of just a simple text link to your blog, tell me so. ^_^

To verify if your blog is already in the blogroll, visit this link.

Thanks everyone!


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