Budgeting and Planning

It has been known for the longest time that I am starting to fail as the “budgeting officer” in my family. Somehow I took for granted my salary and my hubby’s salary too last few months. We bought pizza when we’re hungry, and we buy things that are not necessarily needed.

Ever since my curettage, I am still waiting for the call which makes me stuck here in my humble abode. I want to look for a job but somehow, I am still keeping my hopes up. I called the company yesterday and they told me that they still don’t have the schedule for the next training. So I guess I really just have to wait.

Good thing blogging keeps my family alive, together with my husband’s salary, everything’s still in place – at least for now. Although as of the moment, paying our debts will be a bit hard for us, with the proper budgeting and planning, we’ll be able to pay them all off in no time! Or else…

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