The Brave Baby Julie

Julie and I went to her pediatrician a while ago for her monthly check-up. She got way taller and heavier compared to last month. She got some rashes in her legs and something that looks like a ringworm in her left cheek. The pediatrician gave me some treatment for that and I will start applying them all to Julie tomorrow. Hopefully we see improvements in a week or two.

So after taking her monthly measurements, doc gave her 3rd dos of Pentaxim (5 doses all in all which by the way costs Php2,500 per dose). It was an injection so I was in fear that Julie might cry the hell out when the needle touches her skin. BUT NO… She didn’t even budge! Not even a single tear! But she raised her fist high up on to the air and pounce it hard on her pediatrician’s head. It was hilarious! The pedia also laughed and said that she’s a fighter! LOL! Well, she is indeed a fighter just like her mommy. *wink wink*

This is just another short and sweet and funny story in my baby’s life that I will never forget! (still can’t get it out of my head) LOL!

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