Bought New Things For My Pet

Okay… I didn’t purchase anything fancy in real life, but maybe some semi-fancy furniture and fixtures for my pet NyaNya – in Facebook’s Pet Societ application. I was actually trying to just level up and invite more friends but after few levels, I realized that my pet’s house looked horrible… I mean just one couch, and a TV (which is free) next to it in a 5 room house. So I decided to finally buy something that would make my NyaNya’s home look a bit cozy.

First off, I bought her a TV stand  so that I can place the free TV and showcase some of NyaNya’s trophies, at first I found it really difficult to look for the suitable one from the many tv stands on the DIY shop, but I guess I opted for something small for the meantime as I’m not a rich owner yet. :laugh:

tv stand

Next I bought her a comfy bed to sleep in…


Lastly, I also gave her her own PC Desktop! :heart:


So I kinda used up all my ka-chings in one go, but at least I know my pet feels much more comfortable now, after a hard day of farming work.


:heart: :heart: :heart:

Oh and if you want to be my pet neighbor, add me up in Face Book, my email’s wmaricelt[at]yahoo[dot]com. :yes:

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