Bloggers around the world uses different blogging tools like Cbox, Blogrolling, Widgets, etc… It helps beautify one’s blog, communicating with fellow bloggers, and helps in increasing traffics as well. But what if their services are down? What could you do?

Personally, I’m a bit worried about Cbox and Blogrolling. Their services can sometimes be on the top of the roof but it also goes down the drain… 🙁 It’s a bit annoying to see my favorites tools go berserk. I don’t know if these are worth it anymore. But I’ll be patient and wait for them to fix their servers.

I don’t have a backup for my blogrolls, so without Blogrolling’s services, I’m dead. I cannot do my rounds… 🙁 and without Cbox, how do I talk to my fellow bloggers? I think the only option is to drop a comment on any of their posts. 🙂

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  1. cel,
    ive noticed na madalas down ang blogrolling, naku wag naman sana.

    these 2 blog tools din ang aking source of contact for all my blog friends

    may option to back-up ang blogrolling hindi ko naman alam gamitin. *.OPML ang extension ng file name

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