Birthday Plans

My mom and I are planning to do some redecoration for our little garden, and maybe looking to have my mom’s carpenter friend build a house where we can store rarely-used, but important things like plates and utensils that my mom uses during parties, and speaking of parties, I have less than a month to prepare for my baby Julie’s birthday party, and honestly, I am not even half way there. I got no savings yet thanks to my hubby being jobless, but I guess I have to do this little by little.

I actually already have a plan…

I’ll create the menu and will canvass for ingredients, and make sure that I would do groceries before hand, and keep them until ready to be used. Next is to make sure that the venue, which surely will be our house’s little garden, is clean and ready, and all furniture are properly covered with patio furniture covers to prevent dust and dirt to accumulate. There are also things that I am hoping that I can accomplish and get hold of for my baby’s birthday, one of which are the souvenirs, but I’m not sure if I can afford them… Also, I want to have a tarpaulin for display, which writes “Happy Birthday Julie Rayne” (no age here so that I can re-use it the next year :razz:) and around the words will be her pictures. I’m also hoping that I will be able to buy her a layered cake, with big bold letters: “Happy 2nd Birthday Julie Rayne” and 2 candles that we would blow out for her. :cheer:

I guess I’m asking too much for my baby Julie’s birthday, but as a mom, I really want my baby’s every single birthdays to be special.

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