Birthday Contest Winners!!!

Dun dun dun…. I had a total of 465 entries and I know I promised a video of the draw but I opted for instead since 465 entries is a lot to write down… >_<

1st place:

$15 payment through PayPal
500 EC Credits
2nd place:
$10 payment through PayPal
250 EC Credits
3rd place:
$5 payment through PayPal
125 EC Credits

50EC credits consolation for the non-winners:

For the winners, please email me at mymars17[at]gmail[dot]com for your paypal addresses and your EC user ID. ^_^

5 Replies to “Birthday Contest Winners!!!”

  1. I’m receiving emails that a lot is having a hard time posting a comment here. Thanks to everyone who joined my birthday contest! 🙂

    I’ll be sending the prizes starting now! ^_^


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