Better Late Than Never

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I last updated my blog. No excuses here. Reason? Simple.


Yes, you heard that right. Twilight.

I know that it’s a bit too late for me to fall in love with the Twilight book Series, but just 2 weeks ago, I was too bored at work and got hold of myself a copy of Twilight in PDF form. While reading, I got too engrossed specially when I found out that the book was about vampires and wolves (just a quick run through of my childhood — I have always been obsessed with the vampire concept),  and that there was a love triangle forming between Edward (vampire), who fell in love with Isabella (human), whom Jacob (werewolf / shapeshifter) fell for too. I really don’t know why vampires and wolves just don’t get along, but they kinda became friends in the long run (although I know that most of you may have already read the 4 books + midnight sun, and knew how they got along, I’ll try not to spoil ’em here).

So for the past 2 weeks, I read all 4 books including Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun draft, which is Twilight in Edward’s view, and downloaded and watched the movie as well. Ever since then, I just can’t stop thinking about Edward and Jacob, specially the upcoming New Moon movie, which features Jacob most of the time with Bella! And Taylor Lautner is so hot, and now hotter when he gained almost 30 pounds from the last movie to cope up and fill the character’s description. Here’s a pic that I got from countless googling:


Jacob’s character got bigger and bulkier in New Moon, so I guess he just needed to gain more muscles — not that he needed to, but hey, he’s looking hotter and hotter! Argh! I know ya’ll team Edward will kill me, but honestly, I like them both.

New Moon is scheduled to hit the big screen November this year, I just can’t wait! Oh and I would certainly hope to watch Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as well (don’t you?).

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  1. hey there,
    hope it’s a sunny day for you there in the filipines! thanks for stopping by and leaving me that sweet comment on my mail blog. i’m following you here now too! :cheer: i guess is will have to break down and go see this twilight movie and hit the bookstore, my daughter loves it but in my opinion (for what it’s worth lol) no one can hold a candle to “angel”… have a great day and stop by anytime and say “hi!”
    *hugs*/segay (hope i’m spelling it right)
    shelley :kiss:

    1. Hiya Shelley, thanks for the follow! :cheer:

      The Twilight series is actually a good read so go ahead and buy ’em. 😉 The movie version of the first book of Twilight ain’t really as good as the book (we all know that that’s always the case) but nevertheless, Edward (played by Robert Pattinson) looks hot in the film! Enjoy! 🙂

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