Being Sexy – Being Healthy

When I was still going to college, I go to gym regularly right after school. I was really health and figure conscious that time and I wanted to make sure that I stay with my weight loss program although I admit that I was not fat. Even today, I am very figure conscious but due to the fact that I gave birth, there is this layer of belly fat that I really want to get rid of. Mommies, how do I get rid of this? It seems that walking, eating less, more walking just don’t work anymore…

Recently, I’m taking in multi-vitamins and some supplements from Pharmanex. They claim that I’ll loss weight but it will take time. I’m willing to wait. 🙂 By the way, I’m also selling Pharmanex’s products, I’ll list down the products and prices on a separate post. ^_^ Hoping for a generous support from all of my readers! 🙂

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