Being An Employee

Last Saturday, I was so excited because I get to experience day-off after a week’s work… but boy was I annoyed after seeing the published schedule. Yes, I finally got a published schedule but it was nothing I expected.

First my request for a 2-day vacation leave was not approved, this was supposed to be for my baby Julie’s birthday, which by the way is July 14 (happy birthday Julie!!!!) and I got a split off… :sweat:

And there definitely is something wrong with our scheduling department (sorry no offence)… How come a lot of agents are on off during Sundays when there are a lot of customers on queue, which means poor agents (including me, who has to suffer the consequence of taking in more chats all at the same time)… then during weekdays, where there are A LOT of agents on the floor, they would have some of them go on four-lo (I don’t really know how you spell that but it means that you can go home since there are a lot of free time and no customers are chatting)??? It’s really unfair, and to think that everyone is being paid on the same rate. 👿

Oh well, I guess that’s just how the company roll. Like I have a choice?

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