Beginning of A Better Year

I’m starting to feel that the year of the rat is going to be a fruitful one for me and my family…

Got back my $30!
Remember the $30 that I lost because of my PayPal and Yahoo! account was hacked? Apparently, PayPal reversed that payment and sent back my $30 to my Eon account. There was a little bit of a difference when it was given back to me due to the exchange rate on buying and selling of dollars, but I didn’t really mind because I was just too happy that I got back my $30!

My hubby got THREE (3) interviews!
A while ago, we got two (2) text messages from Jobstreet regarding his interviews on a call center on Tuesday! And not long after, he got a call from another call center telling him that he has an interview on Monday! I pray that he will pass one and stay on it for good. It will be his best Valentine gift for me if that happens!

Well I guess the long wait for the solution for our financial problems are starting to literally pay off! What a sigh of relief!

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